The medical program is a rural community based program with the aim of helping smaller Ghanaian communities deprived of basic medical access and health care. In the major cities of Ghana such as Accra, medical care is fairly good and accessible relative to other African nations. However, once you leave the major cities, the standards drop considerably and there is a shortage of trained medical professionals to work in the communities and provide even the most basic health care.

Volunteers on the medical program, will be placed in small rural clinics where they will work closely with the local staff. Some medical placements are also available on our orphanage programs where medical volunteers will visit the various orphanages we work with, providing medical care and guidance to those in need. It is important to note, that facilities and resources on this program are extremely limited and will be a much different working environment to what most medical volunteers have experienced before. Incorporated in the program are mental health and leprosy related problems.

By taking part in this program, you can offer vital assistance to a doctor or even non-professionals and nurses in these clinics whilst getting an insight into the lives of underprivileged individuals in the villages.
NB: Volunteers on the medical program must be a qualified medical professional or have at least two years medical training (such as medical school or nurses college) behind them. Midwives are also able to work in one of our rural clinics. Medical qualifications, or a letter and transcript from your college or school need to be provided to staff on arrival during orientation or an email of scanned documents.







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