The program entails building several different structures such as; schools, housing units and toilets/bathrooms. These structures would be only a part of the focus in the program. The main focus would be on simple constructive projects such as painting or plastering. If volunteers are interested and there is an abundance of funds in the DC Fund, then a prospective volunteer could have the financial aid in the program. However if there is a lack of funds from the DC Fund, then the volunteer would have to pioneer his or her own means of raising the necessary funds in order to accomplish the completion of one of these much needed structures.
Some of the responsibilities would include the need to be timely in building (if building an entire structure). An organized plan of attack for the completion of the structure would be very helpful. It would be a good idea to list out the small tasks throughout the course of each week in order to give a better idea of how long the project would take. Additionally, it would be important to keep a daily record of incoming and outgoing funds. Finally, get on board!
These vary according to the approach you wish to take with the program. If you choose to lead a project (group) then you should be experienced in having dealt with construction, hopefully know the area you would be working in and have insight as to what the community thinks about the project.
If following a project (individual, and most common), only a qualification of taking orders would be needed. This would be the easiest approach but also the most widely needed.
Length of time: This also varies as followers can have an indeterminate term whereas project leaders would be there for the duration. i.e. the construction of a bathroom (toilet) might take 2 weeks. This means it all depends on the project that you choose.










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