What are the steps of GCS application process?

1. Once we receive your initial application, we will reply to you within 48 hours to personally greet you and welcome you to our organization. If we foresee any problems arising with the initial information you supplied us, then we will tackle these issues at this stage.

2. We will then ask you to apply officially using our volunteer application form-Click Apply.

3. Complete and return the final application form.

4. Once we have received your final application form we will then proceed to search for the program of choice without any application fee/deposit as most organizations do. It is virtually free and program placement for volunteer(s) is very flexible and fast.

5. GCS will notify you via e-mail when we have finished processing your application. We send an e-mail to you confirming whether you were placed on the desired program and if so we congratulate you for your placement. But if we have any questions regarding your placement during this time period, we will be in contact with you to ensure that we are matching you with your ideal placement.

6. All other information for your stay would be sent to you from then in our welcome information pack in a form of newsletters.

Note: we do not request payment of deposit from applicants before searching and making placement for volunteers, we do that free of charge but all program fees shall be paid in CASH & in full upon arrival before program commences; a GCS receipt to that effect would be issued.

Once you have purchased your airfare please scan/ fax us a copy of your travel itinerary, travel insurance specification, a passport size photo or a picture for identification at the airport. We will confirm delivery of your travel documents and make the necessary arrangements for you. You must also come along with two (2) sized passport photos as well.


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