Why should i pay to volunteer?

The answer is very short; you don't have to pay to volunteer! In fact, you can do it all by yourself; that is arrange for your own trip. But we feel this task should only be undertaken by a particular type of individual that have the time and resources to take a chance.

Puzzle 1:
As a first time traveler, you arrive at the airport of your host country not knowing anybody and not speaking their language and waiting at the airport for a very long time for someone to pick you up and guide you but only to understand that nobody is coming to pick you up. (Maybe because something unexpected had happened or cultural time different)! What do you do? You try calling the number given to you but there is no network coverage

You now arrive at the airport of your designated arrival pick-up point and you are met by a GCS representative holding a placard bearing the name Global-Cultural Solution. How do you feel…?

If we fail to meet you because of irrepressible circumstances, your placement information pack will clearly instruct you what to do. Once you arrive at the airport a GCS representative would definitely be there to welcome you.

Puzzle 2:

You arrive at your destination and contact the host organization only to discover that the organization has been shut down due to lack of funding or the project placement is no longer available. THE MESS CANNOT BE ERASED…!

These are just a few of puzzles that can arise when you personally arrange a volunteer placement; arranging your own placement is possible and does not always end with negative results. But generally it is time consuming task. Some spend months searching for the ideal placement, others travel down to the country they want to volunteer in, and then start looking for placement.

Bear in mind that, most organizations will not offer accommodation unless you commit for a longer period thus four (4) months and above. For short term placements you will most likely have to pay for your own accommodation, food and transport, and also the cost incurred in finding the right placement.

We know that GCS program fees are affordable and it would most likely cost you the same amount of money, if not more, if you were just travelling around on your own paying for transportation, food and accommodation. Remember one important aspects of volunteering that most do not take into account when considering costs, are the social, support, knowledge and integration networks made immediately available to a volunteer on arrival by an organization. The links that these networks provide into the local community is priceless.

You are only paying for your local accommodation, your meals, airport transfers and arrangement for the program placement and other arrangements. As a non-religious, non government agency, we receive 100% of our funding from the volunteer program fees. Volunteer program fees are what allow our organization to continue helping the communities.

GCS offers an affordable program fees with dedication to quality of services in hardworking developmental projects. We offer an all-inclusive package that clearly outlines and explain what is and is not included in each program. Apart from our 24/7 support services; other services include:

Airport Pick-Up

We arrange for a pick up by a representative at the airport. This is done by any of our staff members and you would definitely arrive at Kotoka International Airport.


An introduction and welcome pack will give you pre-departure information, health and safety tips, local cultural and historical information as well as a packing list. On arrival you will be given an orientation which will include tips on customs and manners, the language the people speak, a guided tour and a program introduction.


We arrange your accommodations for you, so that you would have your bed waiting after arrival. Your accommodation can be a host/home stay with families in rural villages or volunteer room/house. Accommodation will also be located in safe areas at a reasonable distance from your program location.


Meals are included in our program fees and being prepared by host families or program Co-ordinators. Food will be standard Ghanaian cuisine (especially fufu, banku, ampesi etc). All food and drinks served by host families are safe.


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