How much spending money should i carry?

The amount of spending money you will need is very subjective. It will depend on how long you propose to travel and the lifestyle you intend to lead. Volunteers living in the urban areas will probably spend more money than volunteers in rural areas. Already your necessities including accommodation and daily meals are provided by your host community and GCS cover them.


You will need some spending money for personal costs such as communication with home, social activities, in-country transportation and paying for medical expenses which otherwise may occur. Most volunteers have spent between 30.00 USD and 175.00 USD per week.

Below is a price list (in US dollars):

Food sold by restaurants & bars=      $2.50 - $9.50

Beer=                                                 $1.50 - $1.70

Soft drinks=                                        50 Cents - $1.70

Taxi fares (varies due to non-stability of fuel/gas prices) b/n 35 Cents - 50 Cents within where you live.

Long distance trips                               $55.00 - $105.00

We would encourage you to bring enough to help you in your personal buying; for yourself, friends back home, and your mother/father. Transportation especially by taxi cab is the main consumer of your total cash; conserve spending while on the program.


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