Needy But Brilliant Child (NBBC) Fund is a long term Rural Development Educational (RDE) fund initiated to address the pressing educational needs of rural education in the rural villages of Ghana by supporting brilliant students financially on a long term basis. We believe providing quality education for orphans and the less-privileged in society is the sure way to help them out of poverty. We are mainly concern in offering them scholarships towards the fees and maintenance allowance as this will set-off the process of long term benefits for them.


A survey conducted shows that educational raw materials in terms of human resource are mostly people from rural communities of Ghana. This is our moving force to assist the rural folks through educational development. This is the main reason why we have education and rural developmental programs among others running. Students who become lucky to this educational fund will benefit on a long term basis in a way of financial support to realize their dreams of better education.


Why this fund?

As part of our contribution to national and global development as a non-profit organization, we have introduced this fund to help the educational problems of kids in rural communities. As the adage goes,” education is the key to development” and contributes a greater proportion to national and global development. For a country’s economy to grow steadfastly depends mostly on education.


Form of the fund

Education in Africa has been on an un-proportional kind of a system where the rich are always ahead of the poor. It has also been centered in the urban areas of Africa and Ghana is not an exception. The educational fund would be in a form of scholarship to support the education of needy but brilliant students in rural communities. It would be on our rural development program where only deprived children benefit from the fund. You can bear with us that rural students drop out early from school due to the syndrome of “mister no money” or lack of teachers (the disease of trained teachers’ refusal to teach in the villages). All this attitudes retard growth of a nation.


How the fund would be

It would be used to support brilliant children from rural villages as already stated. The scholarship package for lucky kids will begin from the junior high school graduate through to the senior high level of education to any of our tertiary institutions or colleges which includes teacher training, nurses’ training, polytechnics, universities and other institutions.


“When I got the chance to further my education at the senior high level, there was this student I met in my class from ‘a rural village’ in the Northern Region of Ghana. According to him, he was born into a poor family and he getting to that far was by a kind person from nowhere. He was admitted as a boarding-student but had to be a day-student due to the fact that the man couldn’t pay for his boarding stay fees. He had no option than to stay with someone nearer to the school campus.


Frankly, he excelled very well from the beginning of the program till we completed our three (3) year program in business studies. He was put on a government bursary (scholarship) due to his excellent performance and then had the chance to be with us in the boarding house paying no school fees for the three year duration program. He passed so well in our external exams and got admission to offer Administration (Bachelor) at University of Ghana the following year. This boy was a raw material processed into finished product. There are so many of them to be processed and this is our moving force to tap them one by one”.


This is a dream come true fund for the underprivileged and we believe your support is needed to sustain the goal. We hope to join hands with every willing individual, corporate firms, sponsors and volunteers to make this a reality. Your little support will definitely educate a child and also bring hope to deprived people in our rural communities”. “Lets build a church in our hearts and our congregations would be uncountable”. Below is information for persons interested in becoming a sponsor of a particular child at our partner orphanage and children’s homes.



This will raise monies that will benefit the orphanage home and the individual child. Two levels of sponsorship are offered:


FULL SPONSORSHIP: US$75.00 PER MONTH covers full board and education for the child

PART SPONSORSHIP: US$38.00 PER MONTH will cover education costs; day students can also be sponsored at this level.


A portion (70%) of the money will go to the general running costs and a portion (30%) allocated to the specific child. This money will be used for things like sporting equipment, further education, vocational training etc. It is envisaged that once 20 children have been sponsored and the orphanage has a regular income, the split will become 60/40 thus increasing the amount apportioned to each sponsored child.

The sponsor will choose a sex and age category, we will then select a child and send a photo and short biography, quarterly updates including photos to the sponsor via e-mail. It will also be possible to visit the child at the orphanage, however, the child will only be able to leave the premises in a group outing. Payments will be due on the first of the month and can be deposited into GCS bank account on the orphanage and child’s behalf. Interested persons can require further information from us.



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