As a part of the Rural Community Development program, I came to Avenui to work with the EPC Agricultural Training extension (Bremen Village) and to teach at the primary school.

At Bremen Village, I helped with tasks such as daily mushroom harvesting and occasional rabbit feeding, and I was lucky to participate in a citrus tree planting project that happened to take place during my stay. I learned an enormous amount from the staff of Bremen Village and they were invaluable resources to me during my stay here, although I was just a helper there. I started at the school by teaching class 6, the oldest class, for the first couple of weeks. Their teacher was intermittently present, so I taught a variety of subjects in his absence, but found that my efforts were not as effective as I would have liked them to be because of the language barrier. Luckily, Bremen Village happened to have recently received eight computers (seven of them working) and they allowed Natalie Willens and I to inaugurate ICT classes with the Avenui School. They had previously communicated with five other schools in the area and established that in the next term they too will utilize the computer room for an ICT program.


I taught classes four, five, and six, and later had after-school classes with the teachers a few times a week knowing that they would continue the classes for the students after my departure. In class the students practiced typing and we incorporated some English and math into the lessons. Because of where my skills lie, teaching the computer classes allowed me to be much more effective and helpful to the school, and the students were enthusiastic and continually improving. I am glad that I got the chance to teach the teachers, and I hope that the classes will continue to be successful.

The more time I spent in Avenui the more I enjoyed living there. I was very well taken care of by Aku and the community as a whole was very welcoming. I learned about and participated in a variety of local practices and cultural activities, and time spent with kids, neighbors, and friends really enriched my experience like nothing else could have.

I would not trade my experience in Ghana for anything, thanks so much to GCS for the wonderful stay I had and your constant wonderful support! I will never forget Avenui and I have learned an incredible amount over the past two months. I have just briefly noted some suggestions here, but I will of course keep in good contact and we will continue our teamwork! Thank you again for everything!

…Please request for my contact and I will be glad to share more with you!



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