As a part of the Rural Community Development program, I came to Avenui to work with the EPC Agricultural Training extension (Bremen Village) and to teach at the primary school.

At Bremen Village, I helped with tasks such as daily mushroom harvesting and occasional rabbit feeding, and I was lucky to participate in a citrus tree planting project that happened to take place during my stay. I learned an enormous amount from the staff of Bremen Village and they were invaluable resources to me during my stay here, although I was just a helper there.


As a part of my studies, I’m obliged to do 4 weeks of medical practice during the summer holiday. After a long summer work I had saved enough money and the idea of having my practice in a foreign country came to mind. I’ve always wanted to do same volunteer work, so these two combined seemed like a great idea. I searched the internet and get in touch with some different organizations. GCS was the one that sounded most organized and excited to have me, so I sent my application and a few weeks later entered Accra Airport.

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