The fees and information below apply to all volunteers. Certain programs may have additional requirements, information or fees; when this is the case, the extra information will be detailed on the specific program information page.


Program fees (in US Dollars)

2 weeks    -    300
4 weeks    -    450    
6 weeks     -    650
8 weeks    -    850
10 weeks    -    1000
12 weeks    -    1100



The fees are very flexible and negotiable, and arrangement for 4 months and above is available.  Mode of payment is by "CASH". Payments can also be made in other currencies such as Euro (€) and Pound Sterling (£).

Please note: There is a Forty USD ($40.00) overnight fee if you arrive after 4pm. This includes one night in a hotel in Accra upon arrival (with a GCS staff), dinner, breakfast and all extra transfers back to your program location.


Program Fees Include:

    1. Airport pick-up
    2. Orientation prior to beginning of work
    3. Transportation to project site
    4. Accommodation (Host / Home stay / Volunteer room placement)
    5. Daily meals (2x)
    6. Certificate of recognition and an opportunity to serve as GCS Ambassador in your city, college or community.
    7. A brochure
    8. In-country support (24/7 support lines)
    9. Volunteer tag/card
    10. Trip tour arranged by GCS
    11. Basic local language orientation
    12. Placement


Program Fess Exclude:

  1. Round trip international flight
  2. Vaccinations / Hospital bills
  3. Transportation to and from project
  4. Departure tax
  5. Personal expenses
  6. Travel insurance




We provide both volunteer house and home stay accommodation for our volunteers. Volunteers will be staying with local families in rural communities and in some situations; in towns. All volunteer house and home stays are located in safe neighborhoods and are within distances which may be short/long to your program locations depending on the program type. Volunteer(s) should take into consideration that standard of living in rural communities are probably lower than those of your home country, but the home stay will be clean and comfortable. A level of flexibility will need to be fostered on the part of the volunteer to adjust to our customs/culture and the host family's life especially the way we wash, bath, eat, talk etc.

You will sometimes be provided with a single private room but on occasion, you may be asked to share a room with another volunteer. Most of the rooms have adequate ventilation and insect protection. Your home stay experience will be one of the highlights of your placement. We feel that this is the best way to become familiar with our culture and practice our local languages. If you prefer to have your own private accommodation, we will gladly arrange other types of accommodations (apartments, hostels, hotels etc.). Please inquire about alternative accommodations when booking.



Meals are included in our program fees and being prepared by host families or program co-ordinators. Food will be standard Ghanaian cuisine (especially fufu, banku, ampesi etc.) All food and drinks served by host families are safe.



Whether it's arranging airport pick-up or providing transportation to program sites, we make sure you get where you need to be.



While none of our programs require special skills or previous experience, all programs have orientations to help familiarize you with other volunteer work. Volunteers are REQUIRED to attend a 2 day orientation!

Day 1 will be general orientation of what to expect while living in Ghana.

Day 2 will be on site at specific program detailing duties and expectations.


In-Country Support (24/7 support lines)

From the moment you are at the airport, you are part of a team of staff and volunteers in your destination. Our in-country members are there to make sure your placement runs efficiently and that you are as effective as you can be during your time with us. They also play an important role in organizing your placement and accommodation before you arrive.




We offer the opportunity to arrange a free tour when volunteers are numbered up to five (5) and are working on programs at a time. Notwithstanding that, since weekends are free times for volunteers, sight-seeing / trip tours are possible individually.


Information Pack

More information would be detailed to you on your placement. GCS program placements for volunteer(s) are very flexible and informative. It is flexible in the sense that, you are allowed the freedom to work and to be decisive and personal choices. The informative aspect comes from our dedicated services and the ten (10) newsletters that are sent to volunteer(s) as pre-departure welcome information pack upon receipt of volunteer application. The newsletters are detailed information that direct volunteer(s) on health related and vaccination, passport and visa, packing list guide, airport drama, host community/home stay information, fund raising tips, basic local language lesson, expectations etc.


Host families

GCS programs usually include a home stay with a local family as well as cultural orientation to prepare you for your stay. During your stay, the language, customs, food and social life of your host family will be part of your daily life. This rich and rewarding part of the international service experience leads to lasting friendships and deep appreciation for the people and culture of your host country.


Host Programs

As a GCS volunteer, you become part of a host organization program team. Many of your work partners will be local people. Because we draw our international volunteers from many countries, there may also be others like you, who join the same program and bring their own unique cultural perspective.




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