Hello potential volunteer(s)!


Thank you so much for taking interest in Global Cultural Solution (GCS), Ghana. The volunteer program enables you to experience life in West Africa and participate in the many programs that are run. You will have the opportunity to try different roles and programs, dependent on your interests and skills. Our volunteer(s) come from many countries of the world.


At GCS, we place volunteers with host families, volunteer rooms or in orphanage homes dependent on the program chosen. All programs have a fee with a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 6 months and above. Monies received from volunteers as fees are apportioned as follows; 55% on the volunteer, 30% as administrative expense and the rest 15% into DC & NBBC funds. Please check details how does GCS spend program fees? at FAQ.


We offer orientation for volunteers to become acquainted with local culture, language and the daily activities. Please contact us by using our E-mail Inquire From for any questions or to put you contact with past volunteers.


We look forward to hear from you!


Thank you.



Virtual Volunteering Program and Fund raising


You can cloth, feed and educate a child without even boarding a plane! For volunteer(s) unable to make the journey or for those interested in fund raising for the cost of the program, there are a number of ideas  such as walk-a-thons, bake sales and car washes.





Some ideas on how you can help on how you can help us from home include:

  1. Developing unique fundraisers in your town.
  2. Starting a GCS FUN UNION at your school, church or any other convenient location.
  3. Assisting in finding volunteers or donors
  4. Approaching charities, organizations (Rotary or Lions Club), lobbying local government
  5. Local papers, promotions, flyers for advertisements in colleges, universities, public places/gathering etc.
  6. Online campaigns
  7. Offering you time to co-ordinating some volunteers in your home country for placement with us.


If you are willing to donate some of your time to GCS, please contact us at anytime using our E-mail Inquire From. Even if you have only a few hours to contribute to our organization, needy children, deprived communities and orphans could benefit significantly by your participation.

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GCS - bridging the gap between the priviledged and underpriviledged

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